DOZ Enterpryz represents a group of youth and women who have faced and defeated various hardships, lifestyles and experiences. We provide life-changing interventions that

transforms them into influential leaders of integrity and dignity...

Tamara Bennett,
Doctorate of Humanity
(World Harvest Bible College)

Tamara Bennett founded Daughters of Zion Enterpryz (DOZE) in 1998, in honor of her mentor the late Estella Boyd of Detroit, MI.  Tamara was inspired to continue the legacy of assisting disadvantaged women and youth overcome social, emotional and professional barriers.

 Her commitment to serve and determination to be a change agent in one of the most underserved communities in Sacramento has grown DOZE with partnerships with Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, The Emergency Food Assistance Program,  and Sac Steps Forward.  

Vivian Goodbeer
B.S Public Health: MPA Public Administration/Finance
Deborah Watkins
Resource Coordinator
BA Christian ED

Vivian Goodbeer is the Chief Operating Officer of the Daughters of Zion Enterpryz since 2004. As a Human Resource professional, Vivian has over 27 years of global strategic program development and management experience.

Deborah Watkins is the Resource Coordinator of Daughters of Zion Enterpryz since 1999. She has worked in the Workforce Development industry for over 15 years successfully empowering adults, youths and children with employment readiness and placement opportunities!

Diana Perry
Program Director
(BS) Human Development
Admin Services Credentials

Diana Perry is the Program Director of Daughters of Zion Enterpryz. She has 10 years of teaching experience with Sacramento Unified School District.