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6489 47th St. Sacramento, CA 95823

The Daughters of Zion (DOZ) Enterpryz hunger relief efforts are comprised of our Food and Clothes closet, which is open every Wednesday to feed food insecure individuals in Sacramento County and surrounding areas. Our relief efforts have contributed significantly to impact hunger in our Sacramento communities as follows:

In 2014, our food and clothes closet distributed over 2,800 pounds, of food in Sacramento County, feeding approximately 200 individuals weekly (800 monthly and 9,600+ annually)

Since 2011, we have successfully fed an additional 680 distressed and food insecure individuals annually (a total of 2,040)
Our combined efforts have provided hunger relief to 11,640 individuals

Since over 18% of Sacramento or 251,060 individuals are food insecure, it takes the efforts of large and small organizations to reduce hunger. We have worked hard to build strong partnerships with larger agencies such as Sacramento County food banks who feed approximately 112,000 (44%) of Sacramento’s 252,000 hungry. As a smaller organization, our hunger relief efforts have reduced Sacramento’s hungry population by 4.6%.   Additionally, we are able to reach those impoverished individuals who may not have access to mainstream food banks. Our geographical location warrants ongoing hunger relief efforts, and our impact to hunger relief this particular population serves as the catalyst to physical, academic, social and financial well being to individuals with the following extenuating circumstances:

50% are High School graduates earning income below poverty level
40% are unemployed
45% of the unemployed are single parent homes on welfare
The below poverty income earnings 37% & area population (State avg 14.2%)
* Our Food and Clothes program's outreach has tripled within the past year due to declining economy.

We estimate that our program reduces Sacramento's hungry population by approximately 4.6%. We partner with food banks within Sacramento County to reduce hunger. For example, Sacramento County Food bank feeds approximately 112,000 of the 252,000 hungry which has reduced hunger in Sacramento by 44%. We reach hungry individuals missed by mainstream food banks. We estimate that our program reduces Sacramento's hungry population by approximately 4.6%.


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